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Quality heating
& air conditioning

Quality heating
& air conditioning

Quality heating
& air conditioning

Perfect Cooling, Inc. started business over 24 years ago. Our success has been the result of delivering outstanding quality products on a timely schedule at a fair price, and respect for the customers property.


We offer a wide variety of Eco-friendly air conditioning units for both commercial and residential purposes. Call today to find out how we can save you and/or your company money.

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maintenance programs

Perfect Cooling, Inc. offers a Maintenance Plan for any brand and any size, even if we didn't install it. If it has been a while since you've had your unit serviced, call or e-mail us.

We agree to provide you with a complete precision tune-up and professional cleaning as described below for your heating and / or air conditioning equipment during the term indicated.


• Lower utility bills
• Extended equipment life
• Fewer repairs
• Improved capacity
• 15% discount on repairs
• Priority customer
• Inflation protection
• Agreement is transferable

• Monitor refrigerant pressure
• Test starting capabilities
• Test safety controls
• Clean or replace air filters
• Clean and adjust blower components
• Measure for correct air flow
• Tighten electrical connections
• Measure volts / amps
• Lubricate all moving parts
• Adjust thermostat calibration
• Clean condensate drains
• Measure temperature difference


Efficiency Tips

Our trained professionals will help you get the maximum amount of efficiency with your cooling and heating systems. Below are just a few of the many tips that our staff can help you with.

Replacing old cooling and heating equipment with more efficient, ENERGY STAR qualified equipment is one way to save energy and money. However, your home's heating and cooling equipment is part of a larger system. Heating and cooling your home smartly can include properly maintaining your existing equipment, using a programmable thermostat, finding and sealing air leaks, tightening up your ducts, and more.

Changing out old cooling and heating equipment with ENERGY STAR qualified models can cut your annual energy costs by 20%. Remember that getting the proper size and a quality installation is essential to getting the most from your new equipment. Learn more about each cooling and heating product by contacting us.

Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, a yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort.

Use an ENERGY STAR qualified model to adjust the temperature of your home when you are home or away. With proper use of the four pre-programmed temperature settings, you can save about $100 each year in energy costs.

It's common to find gaps between duct joints, whether a home is new or old. Seal and insulate ducts that are exposed in areas such as your attic or crawlspace to improve your system's efficiency and your own comfort.

Upgrade to a more energy-efficient ceiling fan. ENERGY STAR qualified models are up to 50% more energy-efficient than conventional fans, with the most potential energy savings coming from those that include lighting. In the winter, set your fan to turn in the clockwise direction to help efficiently distribute warm air throughout your room.

Individual actions at home add up to a lot of pollution prevention. If just one in ten households bought ENERGY STAR heating and cooling products, the change would keep over 17 billion pounds of pollution out of the air.