Maintenance Programs

Perfect Cooling, Inc. offers a Maintenance Plan for any brand and any size, even if we didn't install it. If it has been a while since you've had your unit serviced, call or e-mail us.

We agree to provide you with a complete precision tune-up and professional cleaning as described below for your heating and / or air conditioning equipment during the term indicated.

Benefits of our maintenance service:

• Lower utility bills
• Extended equipment life
• Fewer repairs
• Improved capacity
• 15% discount on repairs
• Priority customer
• Inflation protection
• Agreement is transferable

Precision tune-up procedures include:

• Monitor refrigerant pressure
•Test starting capabilities
•Test safety controls
• Clean or replace air filters
• Clean and adjust blower components
• Measure for correct air flow
•Tighten electrical connections
• Measure volts / amps
• Lubricate all moving parts
• Adjust thermostat calibration
• Clean condensate drains
• Measure temperature difference

We'll Save you Money in the Long Run.

Licensed & Insured CAC057063 Residential & Commercial